I am Colin Dyer.  I am a guy trying to figure life out. I am a Dude, a Dad, a Husband, a Sales guy, an Athlete, and a Friend. I am trying to be the best guy I can be and this site is a reflection of my journey, my struggle, my insights, and wins. I have had more success than some and less than others. I have my daily struggles, I get frustrated with my actions and inaction.  I get lost in thought and spend time on the wrong things. I am also proud of what I have accomplished.  I am proud of how far I have come.  I thrilled with with experiences I have had and who I have had them with.  I am honoured with who I can call my friends and network.  I compare myself to who I was yesterday and hold myself accountable to being better everyday. As I travel this path I will share some shortcuts I have learned myself or stolen from others and hopefully you can share some with me.  With all I have learned so far I know I am still at the very start of this journey