A poem written to cap a storied athletic career, I like it. Way to be different and express your uniqueness

Kobe’s Poem: Dear Basketball

Then you hear Kobe read the words and they punch you in the heart. Animating the transition from a boy to a man, from a dream to a reality, and now from reality to reflecting. Animation capturing the movement and flow of sport with subtle punches and support of the musical scoring. It plucked the heart strings and brought back the memory of when I hung up my football cleats after University. I got goose bumps and teared up in one 3min video. Awesome, I can see why it’s nominated for an Oscar(I hope it wins)

Kobe’s animated short: Dear Basketball

…and then you hear the story behind it, driven by curiosity. Kobe has reached out over the years to touch greats from other genres to apply new ideas to his craft, animator Gary Keane (little Mermaid, Pocahontas…) and composer John Williams (Star wars, Jaws,…). How great things stem from curiosity, continuously learning, getting outside of your lane, and surrounding yourself with great people.

Kobe Interview/Podcast with Cal Fussman discussing Poem/Animation

Consider me inspired. Dear Kobe, I loved Dear Basketball. Thank you.

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