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Why? To find the extraordinary in the ordinary. We are all amazing and struggling at the same time. How can we learn from others strengths and from how others are dealing with their struggles?
It’s easy to classify some people as extraordinary and some as ordinary. The extraordinary we tend to put on a pedestal and the ordinary we tend to look down on. In my life up I have found the people doing something extraordinary are also struggling with something pretty normal; likewise when I meet someone who at a glance seems ordinary if you dig a little deeper there’s something extraordinary they’re doing. I find it inspiring to hear the incredible things people around me are doing and it motivates me to want to do more; I also find it inspiring to hear someone I look up to is struggling with the same thing as me. They aren’t this super hero, they’re a person just like me. It helps me believe I can do great things too even though I have my own struggles. I also can hopefully learn from how they’re attacking it.
My why’s:

  • Become better and get to know myself better
  • Be of service to anyone listening
  • Ask better questions
  • Learn something new
  • Connect with my friends or people I admire

Hopefully you’ll join me for the ride.
Please be patient and I promise to get better. I would love to hear your feedback on what you like and what you think I could do better.

a guy trying to figure life out,

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