Want to learn about leading? building a culture? living in general? I strongly recommend listening to this interview. I found the podcast Finding Mastery the other day and WOW! Amazing guests, amazing conversations, insightful questions. I am a huge fan.

This interview was particularly inspiring to me. He really hit on fundamentals I find really important. Pete has a straight forward logical philosophy. I love his core principle of being in the relentless pursuit to find the competitive edge in everything we’re doing. This pursuit applies to having fun and helping others do their best. I have also been working heavily on being present the last few years, a core component of their philosophy. Don’t focus on the outcome (winning), focus on the performance knowing when we perform our best we are hard to beat. I hope I can apply some these concepts in being present, leadership, and building a culture.

Ohhhh baby, I need to dust the pads off…oh wait, business is my new sport. GAME ON!

I strongly recommend listening to the interview yourself below. I’ve included my takeaways, bolding some of my favorites. I hope it brings value to your life. Dominate the day.

Finding Mastery – Pete Carroll Interviewed by Michael Gervais

My Takeaways from Interview: Pete Carroll on Finding Mastery (Michael Gervais)

  • postpone judgement until there nothing you can do about the outcome
  • Enjoying being present
  • Always believe I will turn it around so I never get down
  • When we are at our best there is no future or past, only present
  • Performers mentality is is to be present and max out focus
  • We are in the relentless pursuit to find the competitive edge in everything we’re doing
  • You’re either competing or you’re not, either getting better or your not
  • Therefore you are never satisfied
  • There is more fun to be had, there’s more good things to take place
  • Whatever happened, it’s about to get good
  • If you think something bad is going to happen tend to prove themselves right, I am the opposite
  • Intentions are such a gift if you can manage them
  • Magic comes when the person believes it can happen
  • Coach’s job is to keep you connected and tapped into the belief it can happen
  • Why they are worthy of thinking the vision
  • Our job is to help people be the best they can be, this is the foundation of our relationships
  • What do they need that they don’t even know they need
  • Learn the learner
  • Compete with each other to help people be the best they can be
  • People are telling you about themselves in everything they do if you pay attention and become a great observer
  • Don’t talk about Winning because we talk about performing our best, knowing when we perform at our best we are hard to beat
  • Only focus on what you can control which is the next step
  • We have to be great at focusing, so we have practice focusing forever and never rest on that thought
  • What’s happened, happened and is now out of your control
  • The discipline of feeling it, put it in its place, and come back of what’s at hand
  • Living is being right there
  • I want to maximize the spaces between the spaces
  • If I am not living it how can expect anyone else to
  • Coaches competing with how much fun they are having
  • Has energy to do because of his zeal and wants to have fun
  • Less energy is spent when you’re having fun
  • Don’t have to make someone feel bad or they might not make it, not the best way to motivate someone
  • To do great things you have to be able to take risks
  • You feel able to take risks when you start with a foundation of trust in yourself and the people around you
  • (on losing Super bowl extended to how he leads) Who ever made the call I made the call and I take responsibility
  • If you help people become their best, you’re going to  feel good about yourself whether you get credit or not
  • When you’ve made a mistake: Get to the truth of it and it will set you free, show you care and it’s impacted you
  • All comes down to love and genuinely caring

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